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More space to see what trully matters. With only 5 keys instead of 30 or more, our keyboard is comfortable to use on devices of any size, including Smart Watches. The 5-TILES keyboard takes up 70% less of the screen than QWERTY, leaving you with lots more space for the text itself – and your fingers!


With a little bit of training you will be able to surpass your QWERTY speed. Give the Training App a try.

The underlined letters and the space key are typed with a single tap. Other letters are typed with a sliding motion across the tiles, starting from the tile where they are written.

With Learning Mode switched on, the grey arrow will show you what letter you’ve currently selected, and the keyboard will show you what letters and symbols you can still slide to. Watch the video or give the Training App a try.

Alternative skins

Depending on your preferences, you can choose one of 4 different skins of the keyboard. There is a high contrast version if you have difficulties with seeing colours. For the advanced users there’s a STEALTH skin, for a distraction free experience.
To change the skin, use yellow-red-green-orange slide (3-5-2-4).


Extra keys are like extra legs – they don’t necessarily make you faster. That’s why 5-TILES is faster than keyboards where every letter and symbol has it’s own dedicated key. Our users achieve average speeds of 30 to 40 words-per-minute with just a bit of practice, and the record speed so far is 109 words-per-minute

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Droidcon 2013 democamp – 2nd place


UKTI MWC Stand Competition: winnerbarcel
ICT KTN CeBIT Stand Competition: winner


Smart UK 2014 – finalist